Game center not updating scores

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The i OS – the operating system that runs on the i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad – is arguably the leading mobile video game platform, surpassing offerings from both Nintendo and Sony in popularity.

While the games available for the i Phone and the i OS are great, gamers and developers have learned that games get even greater when you can play your friends head to head over the Internet. Game Center is a set of gaming-specific features that let you find people to play against, compare your stats and achievements against other players, and more.

If you don't want those features to be available, parental restrictions are the only option.

We aware some people are having problems with the high scores not updating in Strike! Sorry to those affected by the problem and thanks for you patience.

This is generally indicated with an icon that you'll associate with winning or stats.

In a selection of Game Center-compatible apps that I tested, this section was accessed by the following icons: a crown, a trophy, a button labeled "Game Center" in an options menu, or in the stats and objectives menus.

They were also cleared labeled in the App Store with a Game Center icon. Now, games don't clearly indicate anywhere that they support these features. That said, you can search the App Store for "game center" to try to find compatible games.

The first two types of game are pretty self-explanatory.Because not all games that support Game Center offer all of its features, instructions for how to use those features are going to be incomplete or inconsistent by definition.Different games implement the features differently, so there's no one way to find and use them.Figuring out which games support Game Center is tougher than it used to be. When you launch a game the supports Game Center, a small message slides down from the top of the screen with the Game Center icon (four interlocking colored spheres) and says "Welcome Back" and your Game Center username.If you see that, you can be sure that the app supports some Game Center features.

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