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As my brolliance partner, Stephen Fishbach, continues to enjoy his sabbatical in India, I’m pulling another blog out of the proverbial buried mason jar.My apologies in advance if all this fruit has made the Fishy awards soggy.For all his hustling this week, I am awarding Jay this week’s Fishy award.As we approach a double episode of on Thanksgiving week, Jay is going to have to keep working on selling Sunday and his fellow Millennials that now is the time to strike against Jessica.While seen as Taylor’s closest ally, Jay has made some moves that potentially could shift the target at the next tribal council.He certainly helped his case by badgering Adam on the tribal council witness stand but he also nurtured some bonds with players who might save his hide.Jay confided to Will but also with Adam and Hannah who became even more frustrated with Adam for upsetting Jay.It was only a week ago that I counted Jay out of the game, but now I’m seeing some daylight pour in through the cracks of this nine-person alliance.

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He graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in education licensed to teach secondary math, physical education & health.

I’m issuing a challenge of my own to the readers of this blog to find a pre-day 39 tribal council where Jeff is speechless for that long.

Kudos to the host for knowing when to just sit back and let these contestants have an organically dramatic moment.

Once Adam suspected that Taylor could have blown up his spot, he needed to start revealing his advantage to his allies before Taylor could.

As for Jay, things looked rather bleak for Jay coming into this week but now there’s some reason for optimism.

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