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Waters had been an employee of the American Atheists from February 1993 to April 1994, first as a typesetter and later as office manager.

The siblings had Irish ancestry on their father's side and German ancestry on their mother's side.

I'm not saying that all American men are this way, but nine out of ten are breast-fixated, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am cretins who just don't give a damn about anyone's gratification but their own.

If you're talking about intellectual and social equality for women, we're not much better off. America is still very much a male-dominated society.

After consolidation with Abington School District v.

Schempp, the lawsuit reached the Supreme Court of the United States in 1963.

It doesn't seem to occur to him that she might be a worthwhile end in herself, or to see to it that she has a proper sexual release.

And, to him, sex appeal is directly proportional to the immensity of a woman's tits.

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Following her arrival in Austin, Texas, O'Hair founded American Atheists, "a nationwide movement which defends the civil rights of non-believers, works for the separation of church and state and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy".

was an American activist, founder of American Atheists, and the organization's president from 1963 to 1986.

She created the first issues of American Atheist Magazine.

One was against the city of Baltimore, demanding that it assess and collect taxes on property owned by the Catholic Church.

Her second son Jon Murray succeeded her as leader of the American Atheists; he was not liked by many in the organization, and some chapters seceded from the main group. Speaking of her response to this, she commented, "One could call this a postnatal abortion on the part of a mother, I guess; I repudiate him entirely and completely for now and all times ...

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