Who does idris elba dating

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"It's important to be grounded, especially in a film like this, because you're playing a man that is grounded," he told Us.

"And it's important to just enjoy the moments, you know what I mean? I'm never going to have this moment again, and what good is it if I'm floating, if I'm floating in the air?

He did it with warmth: that power to remind people what's good about them. "The Grown Up Raver's Boozer Of Choice", as its website has it, is not far from 7 Wallace Road, the Georgian terraced house where Elba lived during the early series of .

That's a pretty powerful tool, if you've got it."But for the man-hating Bengal tiger Shere Khan, he took a different tack. I did a lot of character work and rehearsals and whatnot," he grins. The link being the loose inspiration his "freedom fighter, union guy" dad gave him for the role, and that his father died suddenly before the main movie was released. "There exists on You Tube some great examples of Elba's singing. In "Private Garden", a song from 2011, Elba gyrates in front of palm trees before writing messages on a would-be lover in fluorescent paint. Tonight, Idris Elba won't be DJing in King's Cross."I'm scared that I'm going to go out and have too much of a good time," he says.

The Golden Globe winner has been generating lots of buzz with his new movie, , about former South African president Nelson Mandela. 14 screening of the movie hosted by the Weinstein Company at New York City's Lincoln Center, the second-time dad-to-be and star talked about the importance of living life one moment a time.

"I was really observing Obama being a powerful charismatic world leader, how he got people on his side.

Even when he ['s merciless Commandant] was asking his troops to do something terrible he made them feel good. He tells the driver to head to the East End and The Star Of Bethnal Green — Elba DJed there last year (he shows me photos).

"Without having to chat so much shit."I wonder if he's considering any more singing. That doesn't really build up strong connections in people. "'Cos my production company is buoyant, my acting is buoyant, my DJing is buoyant, my celebrity is buoyant, fatherhood is buoyant. I'm, like, [he makes a crackling noise, like electricity] SKRRRRTT! I either push through the barrier and go another 100mph, or I stop where I am. ' That sort of learning on the capacity of your brain and what you can push is an ever-evolving thing. (This is never acknowledged.) What's the deal with that? You see what drama I'm in right now for being in a nightclub? "Because I used to speak very candidly." came out, the BBC did some analytics on it. It may not be correct in terms of police strategy or whatever, but for Christ's sake…" was held in Leicester Square. Three-quarters of the way though the film there's a scene where Mandela finally leaves prison: "Just open the gate and let me be free," Elba as Mandela says. I ask Elba how he introduces himself to someone he's never met."'I'm Idris Elba, nice to meet you,'" he laughs. 'Sorry: I don't know the name…' 'Oh, I'm an actor.' 'Oh nice.

Especially people who are used to sharing and have big brothers and sisters."He considers his point."You know, one of the big advantages is that going to bed meant turning off the light and having no cousins or brothers to cuddle up to and make you comfortable about the dark. So you're just in that headspace of, 'It's dark, so what? But unlike Will Smith or Spike Lee's public boycott in the wake of #Oscars So White he had more prosaic reasons. "Obviously, if I'd have been asked: absolutely, why not? won many other prizes during awards season.) I ask Elba if he felt snubbed. When did Elba become aware of the effect he has on women? My mate had a house and his sister and all her girlfriends used to come and they were all older than us. I don't see that happening."He mentions his personal assistant. If you find an experiment to tell me what points of the day I am using 12 per cent of the matter up there, I'll be fascinated. They already knew Elba's John Luther, the splenetic cop who presides over a Gotham-style London in a red-tie-and-big-coat equivalent of a superhero uniform, was a huge mainstream hit. It was at that moment that Elba became aware of some consternation along the front row. She handed Elba her phone: "NELSON MANDELA DIES, AGED 95". " — Mandela being called "Tata", or "Father" in South Africa."We couldn't have written the fact that he died at the premiere, [while I was] sitting next to the Duchess," he says. And they said, 'The man that recently portrayed Nelson Mandela is here, Idris Elba…' And people clapped." He mimes choking up. but something else as well."All I heard was 'Elba' — that's my old man's name…

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